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The Conversion of Saul

Acts 9:1-17
First - Fifth Grades:  This month we are exploring the Conversion of Saul.  

The focus for this rotation will be the dramatic change and turnaround in Saul’s life on the road to Damascus. We all have things in our lives which we would like to change. God wants all of us to recognize our need for Jesus Christ’s love and forgiveness in our lives. Sometimes this conversion can be a sudden, dramatic event as it was for Saul. Sometimes it can be a slow, growing awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The type of conversion is not the important thing. Recognizing Gods presence and deciding to live according to God’s will is what is important. Following God’s will requires that we remain willing to change with God’s help. 

The story of Saul’s amazing conversion gives us hope for our own transformation. If God can change the heart of someone like Saul, God can change anyone! For “with God nothing is impossible.” Saul’s conversion is remarkable for its dramatic impact and profound results. 

Paul is known today as the greatest missionary and the first Christian theologian. His letters provided instruction to the budding churches of the time and still give guidance and leadership today. All this from one of the greatest persecutors of Christians! Truly God can and will use anyone to accomplish God's purposes! Truly we are “new creations” in Christ Jesus.

Please see posted schedules for where each grade level is to meet.  Parents may meet Grades 1-5 in the Choir Room following Closing time at 10:55 a.m.  Schedules, a video Bible study, excellent background reading material, and resources for families are available online at or for take home on the Children’s Ministry bulletin board in the main hallway.



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