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Sunday School SnapShot for February:

All are welcome!
Bring friends & meet friends!
Grow your roots of faith!
Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

Little Lambs (Infants through 23 months) begin a new unit of study this month about Creation: "God Made Everything.” Children will have so much fun exploring rocks and frogs and birds and trees and bees and butterflies and most importantly that God also made them. Each one is a precious child of God. Each one is loved. Parents, bring your young ones and help them learn this important faith concept and how it transfers into the home and world. Little Lambs meet upstairs in room 219.

Rainbows (Two Year-olds) are just finishing up learning about how Jesus is our friend and are beginning a unit of study about how Jesus is with us everywhere. “Jesus is with Me!” is a highly imaginative time of role playing and thinking about some of the many places we go and learning that Jesus goes all of those places with us! All kinds of transportation are involved in this active and engaging time of learning. Rainbows meet in the nursery.

Sunbeams (Three Year-olds) are learning how Jesus welcomed all people and cared for all people and like Jesus, we can too! These important concepts are introduced through stories and songs and creative center-time activities. Sunbeams meet upstairs in Room 207 for Opening time and then move to class time in Room 216.

Godly Play (Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten) children are hearing the stories of how Moses, Ruth, Samuel, and David were all called by God and how each one of us too, are called by God to be people of God in our world today. Children are responding and thinking about what it means to be people of God through play. The beautiful hands-on materials for this class support the important work and play of these children. Come explore! Godly Play meets upstairs in Room 207.

The Rotation Sunday School (Grades 1-5) students are currently studying the anointing of David as the future king of Israel. In this dramatic story, the Lord directs Samuel to reject Jesse's seven older sons, and to anoint the shepherd boy David as the eventual successor to King Saul.

The Bible passage is 1 Samuel 16:1-13. The memory verse that several of the workshops emphasize is 1 Samuel 16:7 "Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." Some of the workshops also include a few of the Psalms written by David when he was older.

Here are some questions that you can use at home to discuss and expand the story with your children:

  • What are some of the aspects of outward appearance that are considered important in our society? Physical characteristics? Clothing? Cars and homes?
  • What are the qualities of a good leader? In politics? In the church?
  • Why do you think God chose David to become king?
  • Why do you think God chose a young boy instead of a mature adult to become the next king?
  • How might you feel that God is preparing you to fill an important role someday?

Beth Tobin will be leading an introduction to this dynamic story Sunday, February 5, in the Choir Room. Parents are welcome!

Connect (Sixth Grade) is designed for tweens and will take students on a journey through the Old Testament and into the New Testament, exploring the connections between several stories each week. Lessons include video, Bible exploration, hands on projects, fun, and plenty of time for questions!

This month students and leaders will delve into the unit on Freedom and how God brought the Israelites to freedom in the Promised Land beginning with Exodus 3:1-12.

Moses didn’t believe he could be a hero for the Israelites. He murdered a man, was awkward when speaking to others, and grew up disconnected from the very people God wanted him to lead.

God believed Moses could be a hero. As an infant, Moses was saved from slaughter by his mother’s act of rebellion. Pharaoh’s court afforded Moses education and exposed him to leadership. Still, Moses knew who his people were and had a passion for them. God saw in Moses what Moses could not see in himself.

Like many called by God, Moses asked, “Why me?” He didn’t feel like a superstar. But Moses was just the beginning of a long line of humble heroes chosen by God in the unfolding of God’s work among humanity. God promised to equip Moses for the task of saving the Israelites. Bring yourself. Bring your questions. Bring your friends. And meet upstairs in Room 215.

Heads up Pastor Doug!
Some students have already finished memorizing the Ten Commandments…. And many many many more are well on their way! They are excited to get to Silly String you! :) Stay tuned!

Memory Work may be found online at or on the Children’s Ministry Board.

King David Rotation
A Heart for God

Story: God directs the prophet Samuel to anoint David in secret as Israel's future king. Twentyfour years later all of Israel covenants with David and anoints him king, "according to the word of the Lord to Samuel." (1 Chronicles 11:1-9)


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Bible Study

Hi Parents and First through Sixth Graders!

Here is the Memory work for this year!





Grades 1-5 Memory Work: 2016-17

Grades 1-5: Other Concepts and Bible Skills

The Ten Commandments Memory Work

Sixth Graders: "Connect" at Sunday School, 10:00 a.m.

The word is out! What an awesome class!! Sunday School for Sixth Graders has changed formats. There is such great discussion, dialogue, and questions! Students are loving it! Keep those questions coming! See you there!

"Connect" is designed for tweens and will take students on a journey through the Old Testament and into the New Testament, exploring the connections between several stories each week. Lessons include video, Bible exploration, hands on projects, fun, and plenty of time for questions! Bring yourself. Bring your questions. Bring your friends. Meet upstairs in Room 215.

Children's Musical 2017: “A Technicolor Promise”

The children’s musical “A Technicolor Promise” by Alan Pote and Carole McCann will be presented in worship on March 5, 2017, at the 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. worship services. The 22 cast members and crew are excited to present this story of God’s unending promise of love. All are welcome!


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  3. Attendance Commitment Plan
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  5. Rehearsal Calendar

For more information, contact Beth Tobin.


Early Childhood Education at Gloria Dei

Helping young children and their families grow in faith through developmentally appropriate events, education, and activities. 

Sunday morning classes for infants through Kindergarten begin at 10:00 a.m.  We hope that you will find Sunday School a positive and rewarding time of learning for both you and your child(ren).  All are welcome!

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Sunday School Classes for
Sun, February 26, 2017
Little Lambs: God Made Everything
Rainbows: Jesus is With Me
Sunbeams: Jesus Cares for Others
Godly Play: The Mystery of Easter
Grades 1-5: King David
Sixth Grade: Freedom: Commandments

6th presents
the Communion Elements this Sunday!
(9:00 and 11:00 service)